Hello, my name is Tiffani Polovino. I am 19 and a freshman at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

The point of this blog is to showcase some of what I learned in my Composition class this semester, with the main focus being on the use of social media. In the blog, my paper, “Social Media: The Good vs. The Bad,” is included. The paper focuses on the pros and cons that social media brings to the world. After reading, i would like to leave the choice up to readers. What is their personal opinion? Everyone’s opinions differ, that is why i brought forth evidence for both sides to help people decide their choice. along with the paper, there are some videos and pictures included, along with the articles that i used to compose my paper. I hope that after looking through my blog readers will have to think, is social media actually a blessing…or a curse? I hope you enjoy!




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